Tuesday, 19 April 2011

to tutu or not to tutu...?

Hello there, I'm still here! My Facebook page has been taking a couple of orders and I am now just 17 "likes" away from 300 so I've obviously been working hard on that... I had my first order from a non-friend yesterday, which was rather exciting and very lovely :)

One of my fab friends asked me to make two tutus for her little girls to wear to a royal-wedding party, which I spent most of the day yesterday making....;; tadah!

of course it had to be red, white and blue! I'm hoping to get to the post office tomorrow so I can be certain they will arrive in time!! here's a close-up....

I have also experimented in the making of petal tutus (well... tutu singular and blossom rather than petals...!) what do you think?...;

this is made in my daughter's size and I will be posting it as a "something I can make to order" thing. The soft tulle, coloured elastic and petals do make them more expensive to make but I personally think it is a beautiful effect.....

I really should take a picture of my little princess in this but she was determined to wear it without any other clothes so not really an appropriate bloggy photo!!!

I really find making tutus rather therapeutic. You can use lots of colour and they look so fey and delicate :)

well ttfn, I have dinosaurs to finish!!

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