Tuesday, 19 April 2011

to tutu or not to tutu...?

Hello there, I'm still here! My Facebook page has been taking a couple of orders and I am now just 17 "likes" away from 300 so I've obviously been working hard on that... I had my first order from a non-friend yesterday, which was rather exciting and very lovely :)

One of my fab friends asked me to make two tutus for her little girls to wear to a royal-wedding party, which I spent most of the day yesterday making....;; tadah!

of course it had to be red, white and blue! I'm hoping to get to the post office tomorrow so I can be certain they will arrive in time!! here's a close-up....

I have also experimented in the making of petal tutus (well... tutu singular and blossom rather than petals...!) what do you think?...;

this is made in my daughter's size and I will be posting it as a "something I can make to order" thing. The soft tulle, coloured elastic and petals do make them more expensive to make but I personally think it is a beautiful effect.....

I really should take a picture of my little princess in this but she was determined to wear it without any other clothes so not really an appropriate bloggy photo!!!

I really find making tutus rather therapeutic. You can use lots of colour and they look so fey and delicate :)

well ttfn, I have dinosaurs to finish!!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

New creations and FB page

Hello & welcome! thank you for stopping by :) I've made a couple of new pieces to sell and have been busy getting my head round the whole Facebook page thing - promoting my page and liking other pages etc... I've managed to get 43 "likers" since I set the page up yesterday so not bad progress, though I'm really hopiong to get to 100 by the end of this week, that would be lovely :) The two makes I haven't shared yet (because I made them yesterday!) are Ermentrude the elephant keyring, she's so teeny, just 2 inches nose to tail...... I made her whilst being climbed all over!!!!

And my own version of a heart stitch headband (inspired by mamachee's design but my own pattern)

the elastic stops it flipping your hair up at the back!

Please come and visit my page and have a browse, or make a comment here! you'd make my day :)


Monday, 4 April 2011

A dramatic weekend and my new Facebook page!

The peace of my Friday (and any plans!) were rather dramatically shattered by my little boy suddenly becoming very poorly and being admitted to hospital in the afternoon with breathing problems. Fortunately he was allowed home late that night and seems to be more himself now but I have obviously had other things on my mind than crochet!!

However, I have still managed to make a minion from the movie Despicable Me ;

and a baby seal this weekend

and this morning set up a page on Facebook to share and sell my little creations so please pop by and "like" me if you are on Facebook :)