Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Crochet goddesses of Blogland...

As you may gather from my blog I love crochet. Though I tend to either completely design my own patterns for projects or adapt patterns to my own designs I get a huge amount of inspiration from browsing online...

Lucy at Attic24 has become something of a legend in the online crochet world for her amazing eye for colour, which she applies to the beautiful patterns she makes. Her blankets in particular are absolutely stunning and she has some excellent patterns and tutorials on her blog. This is a picture of her many glorious blankets. total eye candy;

Tara at Easy (aka Mamachee) has designed masses of patterns that are adorable and fun in equal amounts, some of which are available on her blog and some that you can buy in her etsy shop. The picture shows her "I heart U" hat/headband; I have designed my own version of this idea without having seen the pattern but I only worked it out looking at this picture;

Vanessa at Do You Mind if I Knit? has her a style of work that is very distinctive. Her creations (crochet, knit, paintings, papier mache.... she has many talents! In fact my daughter's very favourite book is illustrated by her.) are beautiful and she has some marvellously clear tutorials. Her two dogs are pretty darned cute too! This is her gorgeous "designer" style scarf, which she has created a quick pattern for;

Finally June from PlanetJune has created some of the most stunning amigurumi that I have ever seen. They are seriously fabulous and I would just love to have time to make them all! These are the easter themed patterns she has made, very seasonal!

I hope you've enjoyed this little peep into my blog reading! do you have a favourite that I might like too?


  1. You might like the IKEA hacker blog, not 'traditional' crochet but the combination of crochet and IKEA is hard to beat!





  2. what a fun site, thanks for the link! IKEA designs really do lend themselves to modification don't they :)