Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Long time no type......

Well what do you think of the new-look blog? it's not changed that much and I'm hoping to make a few more changes shortly as I haven't got access to my photos at the moment... I've decided to just keep one blog running because I barely have time to post on either but am yet to decide which one to stick with!! I'm thinking this one as it has my recipes & patterns; I'll copy the bulk of the other into a document so I still have it as a diary of my babies if anything happens to it!

I'm now back at work, after almost 18 months off due to maternity leave & physical problems (acupuncture is MAGIC) and really happy to be back. Lyra and Logan are both growing and thriving (more on them later, they each deserve a post all of their own don't you think) and I'm shrinking and thriving... to date I have lost just 2lb shy of 4 stone since January of this year, mind boggling really!

Anyway ttfn; I will make more effort to post, though goodness knows when between everything I have going on and my evening exercising!!!!

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  1. PS please feel free to comment, it's nice to feel I'm not blogging just to myself!