Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Pig crochet pattern

This little piggy is very quick & easy to make. I made the pattern up as I went as part of a crochet farm for my son & really enjoy making them so expect he'll end up with a whole litter.. I've had so many lovely comments I decided I'd share how I do it.
I've had this pattern mostly written up for about 3 weeks now and have only just had the opportunity to finish it off. I haven't fully tested it but did write while I crocheted & have made it several times. This is the first pattern I've written so I hope it's clear enough & there are no mistakes! Please comment & let me know if I need to make anything clear or if you use it to make your own little piggy :o) I'll add more pictures & test the pattern as soon as I can.

The pattern is worked in the round starting at the nose. The row/round number is at the start & number of stitches in each round is in (brackets) at the end
Abbreviations used;
sc = single crochet (I use US terms so where I say sc I mean a UK
double crochet)
sc2tog = crochet 2 single crochet stitches together decreasing by one stitch.
2sc = make 2 single crochet stitches in one stitch
St = stitch
Sl st = slip stitch
Ch = chain
rep = repeat

Main body; snout to tail

1. Magic ring 6 st (this is dead simple once you can do it but if not ch3, attach in a circle with a sl st & 2sc in each st to get a 6st circle)

2. Sc in each st only inserting the hook throught the loop on the wrong side of your work. (leaving the loop free on the side that will show gives a clearer line around the snout)

3. Sc in each st. & join with a sl st (6)

4. Sc in first 2 st then 2sc in each st. To end (10)

Sc in first 2 st then *sc 2sc sc* rep between ** to end (14)

Sc in first 2 st then *sc, sc, 2sc, sc* rep between ** to end (18)

Sc in first 2 st then *sc,sc,2sc,sc,sc* rep between ** to end (22)

Sc in all (22)

Sc 8, *ch4, in 4ch; sc in 2nd ch From hook, hdc, hdc, join to same st with a sl st* sc6, rep **, sc8 (22)

Rounds 10 to 17. Sc all (22)

2sc *Sc, sc2tog, sc* rep ** to end (18)

. *Sc, sc2tog* rep to end (12)

. sc2tog to end (6) join with sl st & tie, leaving a long tail to close end

Stuff the body & use a yarn needle to close the hole making sure each
stitch is picked up. Tie at the top of the now closed hole, tie a knot
in the end of the yarn; this is the tail.

Legs (make 4)

Magic ring 6 st

2. Sc in each st only inserting the hook throught the loop on the wrong side. (gives A clearer line around the edge)

Sc in each st. (6) Sl st, bind off leaving a tail long enough to attach to body

Attach legs to body using a yarn darning needle. The front legs should be attached under the body with the front about in line with the ears. The back of the back legs should be in line with the last row before you began to reduce stitches.

NB. When attaching the legs (or other appropriate body parts for different projects!) I find I get a neater result by pushing the needle up through the stitch on the body (in the gap, never through the yarn) threading it through both loops of the stitch on the edge of the leg and then back into the same gap on the body. Does that make sense?! If you use two "holes" it just doesn't seem so neat in my experience.

Enjoy :o)

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