Wednesday, 5 August 2009

crochet bunny

I made this little chap for my cousin's new baby boy (hence the blue ribbon) and was pretty pleased with how he turned out. The head, body & limbs were all croceted individually in the round & the ears with side-to-side crochet - they were the fiddly bit & surprised me with how long they took. The head is an egg shape with the nose embroidered ont he apex of the "egg".
I started each part with a 6-st magic ring , increasing the 2nd row by 6 st (2sc in each st) the 2nd row also by 6 st (sc, 2sc, sc, 2sc etc etc ) & I think subsequent rows by 3sc each round until I had the desired size, then sc all round & decrease appropriately for the correct shape.... to be honest I didn't follow a pattern at all & just did what I felt it needed at each pint.
The ears were 2 layers the same shape, 1 pink 1 cream, then used sc them together all around the edge..(see here for some nice clear crochet tutorials if you don't have a clue what I'm talking about!!)
The head & ears are securely stitched on with needle & cream yarn but the limbs are jointed - by threading yarn through the body so the same piece of yarn attaches each pair of limbs in one small spot on the body, going backwards and forwards several times so that they are firmly attached but still move... does that make sense?!
I embroidered the face on with yarn. Mr bunny is about 7 inches tall, maybe a little more including his ears, & I was very happy with him. Just hope baby Alex likes him too!

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